A group of ambitious musicians combines to make the Sinfonia of Birmingham, with its determination to perform music to the highest possible standard.  Based in Birmingham, the Sinfonia travels to areas out of town for its summer series of concerts as well as joining forces with several choral societies in the region.

Its close relationship with CBSO players, who regularly perform concertos, has given a strong base from which the Sinfonia of Birmingham has developed a style of its own.  Michael Seal, the CBSO Associate Conductor, has been involved for many years as the Sinfonia of Birmingham's principal conductor.  He is a keen promoter of smaller contemporary chamber works for orchestra - an aspect of the music-making which excites the performers.

Many players are music graduates wishing to gain experience before continuing their musical careers.  Others have chosen to follow different careers and keep music as a leisure activity.

Players are selected from all age groups for their good standard of musicianship with good social compatibility and enjoyment - hence giving lively and exciting performances.

The Sinfonia of Birmingham is eager to explore new ways of promoting its enthusiasm and professionalism to the wider public, and is forward-looking in its choice of music and attitudes.

Andy Devereux (bass trombone) - Sinfonia of Birmingham
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